Sunday, 16 October 2011

Food glorious food

Ah yes, My favorite topic... Food! There is nothing I love more than the feeling you get when you eat something utterly Scrumtious or the feeling of pure relief when you eat something after you have spent hours in hunger, Makes me smile even thinking of it. Before whoever is reading this thinks Im a complete fatty I would like to explain myself Im a big food geek, I love trying new foods especially from different cultures I rarely turn my nose up on any kind of food apart from Cucumbers and Tomatoes they are the only things that I could never put any where near my taste buds.

I don't have a particular food that I favour yet the one ingredient I believe always makes a dish taste that little bit better is Garlic,I'am a ultimate fan of garlic if I could have it with every meal I would! In my opinion garlic gives a umph in a meal that it needs, for example garlic bread where would that be without the garlic it would just be bread? Also its handy if you need to get rid of any vamps! 
Anyhoo I could babble on about the wonderful bia all night yet I need some shut eye, 

over & out


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